Pastor Dominque Frank Bio

Pastor Dominique Frank and Minister Walter FrankPastor Dominique Raquel Frank, the youngest of 17 siblings, was born in Glendale, California to Chief Apostle Bishop Dennis B Evans Jr and Chief Apostle Pastor Dr Dorothy A Evans, founders of the Refuge Christian Center Church, which was originated in 1977. She married her soulmate, Elder Walter Frank, Sr. July 24, 2018 and with him formed a blended family consisting of 12 children and four grandchildren. She is also the Aunt, Great, and Great Great Aunt to a host of nieces and nephews.

As the successor to her mother, Chief Apostle Pastor Dr Dorothy A Evans, Pastor Dominique Frank now presides over the Refuge Christian Center Church renamed since 2019 Refuge Christian Center COGIC. It’s current location is 380 East Woodbury Rd in Altadena, California. She is also the founder of Noah’s Love House, a Charter STRTP Home.

Pastor Frank desires her own outreach ministry, domestic violence recovery center, and veterans homes, and her core values are integrity, honesty, and perseverance. She and her husband currently feed the homeless, give to the poor, and provide for the imprisoned. She is a visionary, Holy Ghost-filled, humble servant of the Father of Lights in which every good and perfect gift comes down from Heaven above! She is multitalented and multifaceted, and her life has been set up to be pleasing in the eyesight of the Lord!!! Her strongest desire is to empower this generation – classified as Generation X – to become holy and righteous – walking in the fear of the Lord! She has endured tumultuous times of violence, incarceration, and abuse but God has given her beauty for ashes!!

Pastor Frank is successfully leading the flock at Refuge Christian Center COGIC since her installation in 2019 and she is currently working to start up her outreach ministries. In support of her qualifications to do so, she has obtained the following 10 certifications:

  • Group Home Administration
  • Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program Administrator
  • Mental Health
  • Family Law
  • Cognitive Parenting
  • Life Skills
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Anger Management
  • Global Import/Export USC
  • Radical Compassion with Dr Frank Rogers

Although Pastor Frank’s familial/childhood roots, life journey, and necessary steps she took through occupational training helps qualify for leadership over the Refuge Christian Center COGIC, it is God himself who had the blueprint and gives her direction.